The Photography Field Guide for Choosing and Using Locations

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I have done a lot of courses over the years and yours has been one of the most informative and easily followed I have found. Your photos (and your little girls) are beautiful. Thank you again for giving me so many ideas to work with, especially for making me look at locations I can use around my own home. I have a newborn and a two year old so driving to “amazing locations” isn’t always an option all the time but you have made me look at locations in such a different way and taught me to work with what you have. Im looking forward to trying your 30 day project!
— MIchelle Murphy
I just started the new breakout location scouting and it’s great! I’ve read some of the PDF and already feel inspired! Her style of shooting is bright and clean which is what I am trying to aim for and her advice on locations and how to shoot to help in less than ideal situations is invaluable for a newbie like me!
— Mary Colleen Grier


What You’ll Learn:

  • How locations influence and contribute to my photography style

  • What makes a location great and what to look for when scouting

  • How to harness a location's potential to make your client galleries and personal images stronger and full of variety

  • How gear choices and camera settings can drastically change the look and feel of a location

  • How to train your eye to see the potential at a location

  • Ways to produce beautiful and compelling images, even when shooting in less-than-ideal locations and lighting situations

  • How to discover and use locations that are close to home for personal shooting

  • Several high-tech and low-tech methods of location scouting

  • How to create your Location Log and keep track of important location information

What’s Included: 

  • 140+ page PDF full of information, techniques, tips, pullbacks, exercises and inspiration

  • Location Lookbook: 40 Pullback and After Shots to Inspire (PDF)

  • Location Log Template (8.5" x 11" PDF)

  • 30 Days of Location Exploration Shooting Exercise (PDF)

  • 17-minute Location Scouting Insight Video

  • 2 Editing Videos (1.5 hours) using ACR and Photoshop

  • Q&A Video featuring questions and answers from the live breakout forum