A CMpro Introspective Breakout Session

The Photography Field Guide
for Choosing and Using Locations

with Lauren Sanderson

March 17-25: $25   •   after March 25: $30

(You do not have to be a Clickin' Moms member to purchase the Breakout!)

Lauren Sanderson is a lifestyle and modern portrait photographer and known for images that are full of real emotion in beautiful environments. Her approach to shooting client and personal work is highly influenced by her surroundings and her vision for a session often starts with choosing the location and then planning the rest of the session details. 

In this breakout, Lauren shares with you how to choose and use a location in order to get the unique images and a gallery full of variety. She’ll detail how her own decisions, gear, camera settings, and the location itself can help accomplish that goal, and inspiring and instructional images to go along with each concept. You’ll learn specific things to look for when scouting locations and different methods to create your location log.

In a behind-the-scenes insight video, you’ll explore with her to see how she chooses her locations, decisions she makes based on the environment around her, and things she wish she had done differently. You’ll also get to see how Lauren edits images to enhance or alter a location and her thought process behind the post-processing of each image. 

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What’s Included: 

  • 130+ page PDF full of information, techniques, tips, pullbacks, exercises and inspiration
  • Location Lookbook: Pullback and After Shots to Inspire (PDF)
  • Location Log Template (8.5" x 11" PDF)
  • 30 Days of Location Exploration Shooting Exercise (PDF)
  • 17-minute Location Scouting Insight Video
  • Editing Video (using ACR and Photoshop)
  • Q&A Video featuring questions and answers from the live breakout forum
  • A private FB Alumni group for learning and sharing after the BO is over 
    (available to only those that purchase while BO is live)


What You’ll Learn:

  • How locations influence and contribute to Lauren's photography style
  • What makes a location great and what to look for when scouting
  • How to harness a location's potential to make your client galleries and personal images stronger and full of variety
  • How gear choices and camera settings can drastically change the look and feel of a location
  • How to train your eye to see the potential at a location
  • Ways to produce beautiful and compelling images, even when shooting in less-than-ideal locations and lighting situations
  • How to discover and use locations that are close to home for personal shooting
  • Several high-tech and low-tech methods of location scouting 
  • How to create your Location Log and keep track of important location information

When I first committed to this breakout I was so nervous and scared that I had agreed to more I could handle and accomplish. But after working on it the last few months, I'm SO excited to share it with all of you! It's pushed me creatively during a season when I'm normally in a photographer's funk and shown me that the go-getter side of me can stifle the procrastinator side of me when necessary. 

In this breakout, my goal is to take you along on a location journey, to learn concepts so that you can see locations in a whole new way. I want you to be able to harness the potential at a location and combine it with simple ideas to create stunning and compelling images that have emotion and irresistible galleries that have variety.

The breakout is only $25, and I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed. Can't wait for you to join me in March!



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2 Field Notes Journals

Complete Location Log Binder and Sharpie Pen Set

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